Bern Custom Woodworking
"A Colorado Small Business"
PHONE/FAX: 303.932.8695
CELL: 303.549.3024

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About the Owner

                                                                               Brad Bern is an individual master craftsman who has 28 years of experience. He has superb standards and takes serious pride in his workmanship with every piece that he builds or designs.  Because of these reasons, the piece or design you purchase from Bern Custom Woodworking will be unique and in your family for generations to come.  He will take the time to assist you with all phases of the design or project process.  Brad takes the time to do each item individually and goes over all aspects of it with the customer so that they get what they truly want from their custom piece, design, or project idea.  Whether you need a small piece of furniture designed and built or want to have custom furniture designed and built for an entire room, or simply match pieces you already own, Bern Custom Woodworking can help you.  So contactus today and we can start building your custom dream piece or design today!   

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